Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Scrabble Tile Magnets

I'm pretty serious about de-stashing! The first thing I found that I had to deal with were a little bag of Scrabble tiles. I had purchased them to make pendants, but I really wasn't happy with the ones I made. What to do with a bag of Scrabble tiles?? Make magnets of course.

Sadly, I have crappy letters. Much like I normally do when playing Scrabble.

Now I want to make more Scrabble tile magnets to give as gifts! I have a bunch of little round tins that I think would probably hold 4 or 6 magnets each. I am NOT buying more Scrabble tiles though. I'm happy to have found a use for these ones.


lera said...

Those are great!!! Did you make button magnets, too? Or are those props?

Chara Michele said...

Oh I like these! Such a cute idea! I still have the button magnets you made me, although right now they are somewhere in a box... :)

Oh and I thought you might appreciate this... There is a Value Village here! I haven't been to it yet, but have plans to do a bit of thrift shopping sometime in the near future :)

Felicia said...

Totally groovy. You can also spell out ruf as in dog speak :)

Mary Sarah said...

That's a great idea! Fun magnets!

atet said...

Love those magnets and the new soaps! (and woo hoo for the three one pound molds!!!) As for the blouses -- I have GOT to try that pattern out!