Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Great White North!

We went to the cottage this weekend to cut down some trees that were threatening to fall on the cottage and close it up for the winter. I was very hesitant to go on Friday because there were weather warnings in effect from here to the cottage. The "boys" that I was going with insisted that the traffic would be fine, and it was.
While Joe and Mark were playing lumberjack, I had lots of time to sit in front of the fireplace and knit. I finished another pair of mittens that are destined to be another Christmas gift.

When we left St. Catharines it was raining. When we finally got to the cottage 4 and a half hours later, there was about 6 inches of snow on the ground. The puppies were in heaven all weekend!!

I think the most fun was when I was trying to sweep off the deck. I had both dogs barking at me because they wanted me to throw the snow ON them. By the time I was done, the dogs were white, I was laughing and the Joe and Mark were inside the cottage laughing at us.

I love the view from the deck, even when there's snow on the ground. Unfortunately, I couldn't convice Mark to take down the trees that obscure the view to the lake.

Now that we are home it is SERIOUSLY time for me to get to work on several Christmas gift projects. I've been totally procrastinating. I have already told Joe, that no matter what, next weekend I have stuff I need to work on. I also need to write Christmas cards and get the tree up.
Back to reality now.

EDIT: Here's the link to the youtube video of the tree-cutting.


feli said...

Guess what?? I got your package!! its soooo beautiful! I love it!! hehehe...

Your dogs are so cute! I cant wait to go home and see mine. I bet they will be happy to see me. :*)

Stay warm! :*)

Funky Finds said...

great pictures karyn! we got "snow" last week too...if you could call it that. your snow is a lot prettier! :) have a great week!

RANDI said...

What a lovely view!

Those mittens look quite cozy and perfect for snowy weather!

Mae said...

I want to sit in front of a fireplace and knit mittens! Maybe you should drag your projects up there next weekend and really get some stuff done!

Debbie said...

Beautiful photos. Thanks for sharing for those of us missing those lovely shots of the first snow.

Great pair of mittens.

lera said...

your mittens are looking great! nice and warm.

and nice pix from the cottage. i would love to have that view!!

Jodi said...

Cute mitts! What pattern and yarn did you use?