Sunday, December 17, 2006

Wristlet Mania

Well, apparently I'm enjoying making these wristlets. I made three more, again procrastinating.

I think it's the fact that they whip up quite quickly and are extremely useful. I've been using the brown one every day since I made it.

I'm just about done Christmas shopping. I've been a bit migrainy and Joe has been very helpful. He needs to know exactly where he's going and exactly what he's buying, but given proper directions, he's actually pretty good at Christmas shopping!

I have another celebration this week at school for the reading program. We are having a pot-luck lunch and I'm giving away a Nintendo game-boy system and an mp3 player to students who have been reading. It should be fun, but it's a whole lotta work during a week that I really don't have time for it, but it will be worth it. I'm off for two weeks over Christmas, thank goodness. I'm very much ready for a break.


kimberly said...

I love them!! I can understand why you made so many.
Enjoy your two weeks off-I have a whopping 3 off and I'm already in heaven.

beki said...

How cute! I must admit that I'm quite envious of your time off.

Rebecca-bakesale said...

Lovely! I really like the black and white one.

lera said...

wristlets are looking great!! keep it up!

lindiepindie said...

The wristlets are really pretty! I went to hubby's office Christmas party with a purse and realized that that would have been the perfect occasion for a wristlet. There maybe one in my future - you are inspiring me!

I hope you get to cross some things off of your list soon!

Teacup said...

Wow, you're gonna have a busy week! It'll be fun though.

And I love your wristlets..VERY CUTE!

All the best for a great 2 week break.


Debbie said...

Your wristlets look great. Really like the patchwork.

Hope your reading program is a success. I know the kids will love it. You have such great prizes.

I'm counting the days until winter break as well!