Saturday, December 30, 2006


Joe's gone geocaching today, allowing me to play with my new sewing machine for the first time. I made this wristlet this morning.

I love the new machine! It's so much quieter than my old one. I can't wait to play with all the fancy stitches and all the different feet on it. Although, I must admit, I'm slightly disappointed with one thing. The sewing went well until the very end when I had to sew all the seams and the zipper together. I broke two needles in a row. I moved over to my old Singer and it went through all the layers like butter.
Does anyone have any advice?? I never planned to get rid of my old machine, in fact, I have both set up in my craft room. Do I do all the sewing up until the end on my new machine and then use the old one to finish it off? That's what I'm thinking.

I also took a picture of my new button organizer. It makes me so happy!!! It's silly really, but now that the buttons are all organized it is so much easier to choose the ones I want!

We are headed out to dinner tonight with some friends, I'm totally looking forward to it.
Tomorrow night (New Year's Eve), we are doing a "stupid geocaching thing". We are going out with friends for dinner (again) and then going geocaching at midnight. It's not my first choice, but I do really like everyone who will be there and we had no better offers. Joe really wanted to go so I told him that if he wants to do that "stupid geocaching thing" on New Year's that's ok with me. He looked at me and we both laughed. I meant it to sound nice and it didn't. So when people now ask us what we are doing, we both answer "That Stupid Geocaching Thing". he he he


teacup said...

Love the colour combinations!!!

And those buttons are SO your trademark now.

I would like to buy one of your wristlets. Going to etsy now to look.

lindiepindie said...

Christmas was good to you this year! A new machine that's quiet? The whirr of a machine is so important to my sewing experience. Great job on the wristlet as well.

I don't have any advice on the sewing through thickness. My old Kenmore always had trouble sewing through thick layers. Someone suggested lowering the needle in the shank, but I broke a few needles doing that. Can you maybe take the machine in and have it checked out? It doesn't seem right to hang on to a machine that is having trouble at the start. Another thing is to try nicer needles like Schmetz.

Debbie said...


Have really enjoyed meeting you through blogging and looking forward to a new year of crafting endeavors.

Have fun on that stupid geocaching thing!

Bonnie D. said...

love that fabric!

lera said...

cute wristlet, yet again!

i was having problems with my new machine sewing through 4 layers of corduroy. i'm thinking about using my old machine (boxed up in the attic) for that ... you would think a nice, new machine could handle that kind of stuff, though. it's irritating.

(p.s. -- i'm having sitemeter problems again. are you?)