Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I'm On a Diet

Not a food diet (although I desperately need to do that too). A fabric diet.

I went to Joann's on the weekend and spent 40 dollars on a HUGE bag of fabric. I got home and I have no where to put it. NO WHERE. I have decided it's time to seriously use up my stash. Excluded from the fabric diet is thread/interfacing/muslin or anything that I need to assist in the fabric stash reduction.

So, that is going to mean many totes and purses and whatever else I can think of to make my heaping pile of fabric shrink.

OH, that also includes Value Village. I'm drowning in sheets and pillowcases. Yikes, did I just say no more VV???? MAYBE if I see something REALLY good it doesn't count. We'll see.

I know I'll feel so much better when I have a reasonable size stash.

Just thinking about all the fabric I have is making me woozy.


linda said...

Yeah, me too. I found that if my fabric is in the baskets I have for them, then I can't see them. Thus, they sit in piles on my floor. It's actually really good for me to actually see how much I have. It keeps me from buying too much more. Also, JoAnn's isn't good for me because it's so cheap. The quilt shops are more expensive but an added benefit is that I don't go overboard. :o)

feli said...

Owhh... Fabric Diet. I think we should start "Use what you have" month again.

Chara Michele said...

As I got my last box of fabric in today from my recent fabric shopping spree, I thought a little about this too. I really should start using more of what I have already... it's just so hard when there are so many pretty fabrics out there:)

Debbie said...

Yeah, but I just love looking at the stuff!

Love your totes. Pretty fabric.

Katie Jean said...

I agree. I have too much (including stuff from VV) and I need to use it all up! We should definitely declare this as "use what we have" month!

Those are some pretty totes too!

Sonja said...

I have a similar problem. And yet, I've just purchased a quilt kit... I think the only way for me to not add to my stash is to stay away from JoAnne's and similar stores. And perhaps to not open the emails I get from them. And not to look at the store fliers. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

LOL! I went to JoAnns this weekend, too, and came home with a very big bag and spent only $25! I can't say I'm going on a diet - but I definitely need to start putting those ideas into bags/skirts/etc. Etsy shop soon?

Tracy said...

Oh come on now girl, you need to show us a photo of this big stash of yours!!! Don't keep us in suspense.