Thursday, May 31, 2007

Stash Busting Part I

Ok, it's started. I've finished my first stash-busting project and I think I hate it, oh well.

I thrifted this Liz Claiborne fabric AGES ago. I love the fabric and decided to make a purse. The handles are way too short for my liking and I think I made the gusset (is that what you call the strip of fabric joining the front and the back together???) too wide so I had to make a tuck.

I should have added some kind of closure. I didn't.

I imagine using it when we go geocaching (or camping this weekend) to throw my GPS and granola bars, camera and an embroidery project or two in.

Please excuse the crappy pictures, the sun was setting very fast. I really didn't have enough light.

And a picture of the "tuck".

We are leaving early Saturday morning to go camping which means I'll have to pack up tomorrow night and we won't be home until late Sunday I imagine. I have no idea when I'll get to sew again!!!!! Yikes!!!


Laura said...

Hi Karyn,

I think your purse is lovely! The handles look like the right length in proportion to the body--although I understand the pain of not being able to sling your bag over your shoulder. :)

I enjoy stopping by your blog, although I've mostly lurked before!


lera said...

That fabric is really cool. Was it a shirt or what before?? Just Liz Claiborne fabric??????

I will miss you and your emails this weekend. Especially while my Joe is away.

Have a fun time camping. I hope the bugs and ticks stay away from you.

linda said...

That's happened to me as well! One time I put snaps in the sides so it was expandable. Next time, I think I'll put little ties in the side seams to tie the sides together. Either way, it would look intentional. The fabric is cute. I think your bag will have fun camping with you. :o)

HobbyZu said...

That bag is really cute! It's the fashion nowadays to have a purse that just sits on your arm anyway. Or so I believe after seeing the many bags in the shops that won't go over the shoulder.

Felicia said...

Your bag is cute! When you make it again (because I know you love making things over and over like I do :) in another fabric you can make those changes and see how you like it. Have an excellent weekend of nature loving fun!

Sonja said...

That's a very pretty bag!
Of course, I know how it feels to make something that just doesn't look like you wanted it to look - grrrr! Have fun camping!

Cici said...

How frustrating that it isn't exactly what you invisioned - but its really a very lovely bag.

beki said...

Oh, it's not so bad! But I do knwo that feeling of disappointment when something doesn't turn out as planned. That seems to be happening to me a lot these days!

Chara Michele said...

The bag looks good, although I do understand the frustration of a project not turning out how you imagined it.