Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More Totes

I didn't expect to have any sewing time yesterday but I did manage to squeeze in a couple of quick totes.

I've been using this tote ever since it was finished and I'm so loving it!

I still haven't gone back to the flower yo-yos. I haven't forgotten the horror yet. I'll be sure to post about it when I do.


Katie Jean said...

very cute! I think you need to try some of those yo-yos again! They're going to be soooo cute!

lera said...

what?? no embroidery???

Anonymous said...

nice - all they'remissing is a little flower yoyo! ;)

Chara Michele said...

Hmm, I'm with Lera & Cici... I think they need some embroidery or flower yoyo's :)

Actually, the totes look great just the way they are:)