Friday, June 22, 2007

And another...

One more done. I have the recessed lining almost perfected.

I used my new tote today and I love it so much!! This one is for my Etsy shop.

Daisy tote number three is in the works.

Last night we heard a huge bang outside our front door. Joe went to investigate and someone had egged our door (twice). I'm sure it was a random egging. We live downtown and our front door is right at the sidewalk. As a result, we have our fair share of yahoos who stroll by (often drunk) late at night. Anyways, Joe insisted we leave it to clean up today. Let me say this....dried egg yolk is practically permanent!!!!!! Round one of the egg clean up is done. I need to bring out the big guns for round two but I don't know what the "big guns" are. If I have to scrape all that egg goo off I'm going to be less happy than I am already! Who thinks egging is funny anyways????? Apparently drunk young men do.


Quirk said...

I love this tote! And all the items in your store--how summery and bright!
Do you have a tutorial for the little coin purses in your store??
Have a dandy weekend!

lera said...

Another cute tote.

Yeah, you should have cleaned it up last night. I'm sure it's not what you wanted to do, but it would have saved you both a big headache. Do you have a pressure washer? That might help. If not, well ... good luck.

Sonja said...

I'm digging the recessed lighting.

The phrase "Let's leave it to clean up tomorrow." is a MAJOR red flag... BAD IDEA ALERT!
Good luck with the egg removal!

Sonja said...

Ummm, okay. LINING is what I was trying to say, not LIGHTING. LINING. *smacks forehead*

Sarah and Jack said...

Did you try a Mr Clean Magic Eraser? It took spray paint graffiti off my fence.

Otherwise the only thing I know off is Dawn Power dissolver. However, I am pretty sure it will power dissolve the paint or stain, if the door is wood.

Chara Michele said...

Another great tote! :)

No suggestions for cleaning up the egg, but that sucks that you even have to!

missmeshell said...

You are the goddess of ricrac!

That sucks about the egging, I'm sending you cleaning vibes. Last year my grandad was rude to some trick or treaters and he woke up to a flour and water and egg covered car...almost a cake =P

Anonymous said...

boy, i bet you're glad that lera is so optimistic. ;)

you can always sand it off, or paint the door yellow.

cute tote again.

Felicia said...

How crummy about your front door! I used to live downtown before we moved here and there is certainly a few more things that have to be put up with. Stephanie Plum gets egg in her hair in one book from rolling around on the floor trying to apprehend someone :) She found out egg was permenant the 'hard' way LOL You might try a vinegar solution.

Your bag is totally adorable! I love the contrasting inner lining. :)

randi said... fun! I hope the rest of the egg comes off!

About a week ago, my hubby's truck windows were all smashed out. It was a part of 40 smashed windows around town. I suppose the teens are bored already with their summer!?!