Sunday, June 03, 2007

Spring Fling

We just got back from a huge geocaching event, Spring Fling.

We left early yesterday morning, spent the day geocaching with friends and then had a YUMMY bbq dinner back at the campground.

I got to try out the tent that I bought at a garage sale a couple of weeks ago for $25.00. It was perfect. Big enough for our queen-sized air mattress and all our junk AND the dogs.

At the end of they day yesterday, all the geocachers met up at the pavillion in the park for prize drawings.

The highlight of the whole weekend for me had to be that my BEST friend who I've known since elementary school was there with her husband and three BEAUTIFUL girls.
Laurie Anne's husband is very keen about geocaching and since the event was in their "neck of the woods" Andrew and daughter number 3 (Paige) arrived mid-afternoon. Laurie Anne and the other two girls arrived just in time for dinner. I managed to capture this cute picture of Andrew and Paige.

I'm sure everyone was sick of our stories around the dinner table, but I laughed so hard I wanted to cry!! It was GREAT to see her again!!!!!

I love the macro setting on my camera. While Joe was geocaching I often wandered off to take some pictures.

As we were leaving the park Joe said "was that a turtle??" and did made a big u-turn. Sure enough, in the middle of the parking lot, we found this little guy sunning himself.

Other than the crazy heat and humidity (and the fact that there were no showers in the park) it was a great weekend. Camping isn't that bad, especially when you have a queen-sized inflatable air mattress.

On the stash-busting front, I made a laundry bag for the weekend out of a thrifted pillowcase. It was a pillowcase I had picked up a while ago because it had cars and trees on it and it reminded me of geocaching. I ripped a few stitches in the seams around the opening, sewed a seam about 1 inch down from the top and inserted a drawstring. Voila! The perfect laundry bag. It is NOT photo worthy, just trust me, it was easy and I feel good about finally using that pillowcase.

I think I'm done now...laundry and bed are next on my list. I hope we have the camping stuff put away tonight so I can do some sewing this week!!!


lera said...

Such beautiful photos!

Glad you survived camping. You are a braver lady than I.

Anonymous said...

I love the dandelions gone to seed picture - lovely. it looks like a great weekend.

Katie Jean said...

I love the photos!

Looks like lots of fun. We're going camping with Isaiah (his first time) in August and I know it's not going to be pleasant. It's sooo hot here in August. Can you tell it was totally not my idea??

My stash busting isn't going so well. Glad to hear yours is!

Felicia said...

Sounds like a pretty awesome weekend. I'm so glad you got to hang out with your old friend. Nothing beats storytelling when the other person knows the joke before you tell it because they were there too. :) Loved your pictures!

Chara Michele said...

Lovely photos!

My husband keeps talking about camping (we actually camped quite a bit before we were married and haven't at all since we got married), I like the daytime stuff like hiking and enjoying the outdoors but don't enjoy nightime and sleeping in a tent quite as much.