Monday, June 04, 2007

Puffy Eye and Cutter Quilt

I'm home today sick. I woke up with a very puffy and red eye. It had been a little irritated for a couple of days but this morning I couldn't ignore it any longer. I went to the walk-in clinic and discovered that I do indeed have an eye infection and got a prescription for eye drops.

Last week I had contacted a lady in town who as far as I can tell used to be a seamstress and used to have some sort of store and is now selling off her fabric. Every now and then she pops up on one of the free online classifieds advertising her fabric sale. I went a while ago and bought a really nice big (6 yards or so?) piece of denim. I'm slowly using it up and when I saw her ad appear again I called to see if she had any more. She said she did so we made arrangements to meet.

Denim does NOT count as cheating on my stash busting!!! My rules. I see the denim as a way to assist in using up smaller bits of fabric.

I met the fabric lady as planned. I picked out some more denim and she showed me a cutter quilt. Does she know me or what????? I saw it and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "NO NO NO NO". It is quite damaged but it would be easy to cut it into blocks and avoid the damage. I weakened, asked her the price and she said "two dollars". Sold.

I wanted to take a picture of the quilt, but since I got home I've changed into jammies and had a nap. I do NOT want to get dressed in real clothes so I looked down the street and didn't see anyone, ran outside with my quilt and camera and as soon as I got out there I see a man walking my way. I feel dumb carrying a ripped up quilt and camera in my polka dot jammie bottoms so I quickly pretend to be shaking it out (hiding my camera) and run back inside. I have no idea what he was thinking but it probably included the words "crazy lady". are a few pictures of the quilt. Not in it's entirety because I was not going back outside, but I think they give you an idea of what I'm dealing with.

I don't think there is any sewing in my future today. I feel pretty crappy still and my eye is still quite sore. Tomorrow night is what seems to quickly becoming our regular Tuesday night ice cream and geocaching night with some of our friends.

I will sew again someday, I hope!!!


Sonja said...

Sorry to hear about your eye - I hope you feel better soon.
The quilt is absolutely delicious! Can't really beat the price, either, huh?!!

Felicia said...


I for one don't care what the fellow thought of you in your PJs (probably that you'd recently escaped from somewhere) because that quilt really was irresistable. And all for two dollars! How awesome is that.

I hope you are feeling much, much better soon you hilarious storyteller you!

lera said...

Poor eye! It must be going around or something. Did the doc say how you got an eye infection?

Sawyer's eye is "puffy." I took him to the doc today for the followup to his last ear infection, but the doc didn't see anything wrong with it. Spenser is convinced she has pinkeye. She keeps pointing to her eyes saying, "eye hurts -- eye 'gwops' -- pinkeye."

Sarah and Jack said...

Ow on the eye front. Maybe it met my lips this week?

I cleaned out the car this week in my pjs. I don't care what the neighbors think anymore. LOL

Anonymous said...

maybe you caught pink eye from lera's son.

i like the rules of your fabric diet.

Funky Finds said...

hey karyn...i LOVE your banner! nice work!!! how ya been? i'm in the process of moving, so i've been running mad. feel so out of touch w/the blog world as of late. have a great crafty summer!

Chara Michele said...

I hope your eye gets better soon!

What a good price on the quilt! I laughed when I read your story about trying to take some pictures:)

And I don't think denim counts, or any fabric that will assist in a big way in decreasing your stash:) Hmm, can you tell that I want an excuse too;)

breanna said...

I just stumbled onto your blog~ it's lovely. The quilt is fabulous! And I read you like Colin Firth, He's just dreamy...

Katie Jean said...

man you make me laugh! I hope your eye is feeling better.

I'd go out in my pajamas. One time I was wearing a pair of John's boxers and I needed to take the garbage out before they came, and I'm standing outside and my neighbor comes over to ask if he can borrow my car. Oh boy, that was embarassing!