Thursday, March 29, 2007

Good-bye Joanne!

I'm a little bit sad today because a good friend of mine from work is moving on. I'm very happy for her because she's leaving us for a school that is right around the corner from her house.

I gave her a good-bye gift a few weeks ago when I found out she was leaving. Today she gave me the greatest mug and coaster as well as a cute little figurine and a bottle of yummy wine.

I went to VV at lunch today and bought an apron. I'm not big into aprons but I really like the fabric of this one and I plan to recycle it. Into what I'm not sure yet. (It's the fabric that the mug and coaster are sitting on).

Anyways, Joanne I'm sure you'll be very happy at your new school and I'll miss you very much!!!!!


lera said...

Cute mug! I am totally loving that apron, though! Great fabric. I spied that first in the photo.

Katie Jean said...

is that in the apron in the background, cause that pattern is totally cute!

littlemissmeshell said...

Love those goodies! Although really, anything librarian themed is just awesome =)

That fabric is absolutely to die for, lucky girl! x

quenna said...

Such sweet presents!

I just realized you're the awesome creator of those patchwork coin purses I've seen on Etsy!!! Love your sense of color and your blog :)

Thanks for visiting!

Felicia said...

Quite a pile of pretty treasures there. I don't wear aprons either but that fabric is adorable.

Jenni-Raie said...

that is cool fabric!
i found the coolest apron in a donated box a while ago. it has really neat retro birds on it. there area few stains, but i'm usre i can salvage it. i'm stumped as to what to do with it too, though! maybe a quilt or something?