Thursday, March 01, 2007

I can't wait until March Break!

It's been a crappy week. Right now it's freezing rain outside and it doesn't seem like Spring will ever come.

I've been making more note cards this week. I find I use a lot of them and I had just about run out (believe it or not).

I have also been going crazy trying to find affordable tags for my bags, etc. I had ordered some iron-on tags and I just wasn't happy with them. I have found a couple of places online that make woven tags at an affordable price (kind of) but I'm having trouble finding out if they deliver to Canada.

In the meantime I've had a new stamp made up, bought some fabric ink and made these:

And of course I had to see what they looked like on a change purse. I would put them on the inside next time, but I just wanted to get a feel for them.

After stamping the tape, I ironed the ink to set it and tried washing one. The ink is very stable, thank goodness. I think I'll try these for a while while I continue my search for the perfect tag.

Six school days until the March Break. Thank goodness!!!!


lera said...

i like the tags. who ever would have thought about fabric ink and a custom-made stamp??? not me. (oh, did you get to use your own font, or did you have to choose one they already had??)

if you need to have labels sent to the U.S., you can have them sent to me and i can mail them to you ... just a thought if you are desperate.

Brandy said...

I think your tags look really great. :)

feli said...

ooooooooooo nice tags. Like lera I am also offering to

Funky Finds said...

what an awesome coin purse! nice work.

Mir Made said...

Your tags came out great. I really like them. I hope that website I gave you works. I can always give a couple more sites incase.

Tracy said...

I think your tags look super cute. Mind if I ask where you had your custom stamp made up? I've been on the hunt for fabric tags, too. The only place I found was NameMaker ( They're prices seemed ok. Hope that helps!

lindiepindie said...

Those tags look pretty perfect to me! Have you thought about sewing them in a loop into a seam? It would fold your name in half, but I think with the raw edges on the twill tape not showing, It would look cute!

Anne said...

I've been looking for a place to buy a custom name stamp too. Would you mind sharing where you ordered your's from?