Monday, April 30, 2007

A Great Weekend

What a great weekend. Friday night we met up with some friends for Thai food. The food wasn't so great, but the company was. Joe and I had a lot of fun. Lots of laughs. Oh, I don't even really like Thai food. I DO like peanut chicken and it wasn't even on the menu at the restaurant we went to. I kind of picked at a few different dishes. I shoudn't complain too much, even though I don't really like it I managed to leave the restaurant full.

On Saturday night we went to see my FAVOURITE singer EVER!!!!!!!! I don't even really like music. I never ever really listen to it but ever since I was in college, I've really liked a local Toronto band called Blue Rodeo. I've been to see them several times and I have a teensy crush on their lead singer. Anyhoo, the lead singer Jim Cuddy, was performing at a small bar about 10 minutes from where we live. It just so happened that the radio station Joe works for was presenting it. Lucky me!

We had such a good time at the show. I was very pleasantly surprised when Jim played a couple of Blue Rodeo songs. He is amazing.

At one point my attention shifted to a purse that girl in front of me was holding. It was very pretty and I really liked the shape of it. I started digging through my purse to find my camera so I could get a picture of her bag. I glanced at Joe who saw me digging through my bag and he said "I know exactly what you are doing!!". I innocently said "what??" and he said "you're taking a picture of her purse". Am I predictable or what??? I got my picture so you may see my "Jim Cuddy concert inspired purse" in the weeks to come.

On Friday on the way to the Thai restuarant we stopped at a VV that I don't normally go to. I bought an awesome granny square afghan. It's cotton and so soft. I also found some great Japanese mugs. I just LOVE the patterns on them.

I spent the better part of Sunday working on some new cards for my Etsy shop. Boy they sure do take forever to make. I'm just about finished them and I'll post pictures when they are done.

I also made some more totes for Etsy.

I have a couple of other WIP's that I'll photograph when they are done (if they end up being blog-worthy).


Katie Jean said...

hee hee your post is just making me laugh! I can just imagine you covertly taking a picture of that women's purse. I know how you feel though, I've been in mid-coversation and have stopping just to stare at a purse.

Sonja said...

Those mugs are so cute!

lera said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend!

I have taken secret footage photos before. Mine have mostly been of mullets. I was a mullet hunter.

Cute mugs and afghan. (oh, and TOTES!)

Chara Michele said...

The mugs are so cute!

Your taking a pic of the girl's purse made me laugh, because it is totally something I would do:)

Sarah and Jack said...

Those mugs are so cute in their patchworky way!

Felicia said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! I never have my camera on hand when some wonderful design flutters by. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. :)