Saturday, April 07, 2007

A VERY thrifty morning

I snuck out of the house before Joe woke up this morning and went to Goodwill and Value Village.

Here's my haul:

Very unusual divided basket: 30 cents at Goodwill

Below the basket, a bunch of really neat fabric Christmas ornaments. I have yet to dissect one to see how to make them, but they appear to be folded fabric pinned to a styrofoam ball. They look like pinecones. The bag was $1.99 for the lot. Each one had a sticker on it for $1.50. I think someone must have tried to sell them at a craft show.

Below the fabric pinecones is the cutest Christmas tree made out of mini spools. I paid $1.99 for the bag that had it in it. The rest of the bag was pretty much garbage.

The zippers, yet-to-be fabric covered buttons and the cotton knitted dishcloth were all in a bag for $2.99. I got the bag because of the fabric covered buttons, I didn't even notice the dishcloth until I got home. It's brand new. What a bonus! (The rest of the bag was garbaged).

Four funky orange egg cups. $1.99

Two mugs, 50 cents each.

And, my heart be still, TWO bags of buttons, $1.99 each. After a very quick scan, there are some neat buttons in the bags.

Grand total????

Around 15 bucks.

I've already used one of the egg cups. How cute is this????


lera said...

Good thrifting!! You really made out. Love those orange egg cups. I was going to ask you if you ate a lot of eggs, but now I see you are crafting with them. Very cute pin cushion.

I've made fabric covered eggs similar to those pinecone ornaments. I used satin ribbon at the top instead of curling ribbon.

Anonymous said...


That's what you are. : P


Felicia said...

Wow, what a terrific thrift haul! How jealous am I?! My favorite is that truly adorable little thread tree. Its so classic crafty. I always gravitate towards sewing supplies so those button bags are awesome.

Jenni-Raie said...

What a nice haul! I have no patience for the little bags.

Value Village had NO yarn the last time I wias there. And the little bags were all gone too.. i wonder whwat was happening?

Katie Jean said...

That was a great thrifting day! I love finding buttons. I just found a bag for .95.

Also that egg cup pin cushions is so cute. I have like 8 of them now, and I feel a pin cushion is about to be made!

magicalmuse said...

Nice thrifting trip you had! I love the pincushion in the egg cup, very cute. I love orange too.