Monday, August 21, 2006

Cottage bound tote

We are going up to the cottage next week. Believe it or not, it will be the first time Joe and I have been there alone together. We are always up there with friends and family, but this time, we told everyone we needed the week alone to relax. Joe and I have both said that we may be home by Tuesday or that we may be calling people to come up and join us because we can't stand how quiet it is, but I highly doubt either of those things will happen :)
I made a floppy tote bag out of two thrifted pillowcases. I wanted a bag that I could throw a book and a drink and some suntan lotion in and take down to the dock with me.
This bag is bare bones. No interfacing, no pockets (although now I'm thinking maybe there should have been, oh well), no closure of any kind. I did add decorative buttons inside the pleats.

And what do I need to go with my new flopsy tote bag? A quilted card, of course, made of of the scraps. I have enough scraps left over to make a few more cards, but I need to purchase more blank cards first.

I'm serious when I say that everyone I know will be getting quilted cards on every card giving occasion. I just think that they are adorable! I am hoping that the more I make, the better I will get at them. They are still far from the way I would like them to be. Note the oopsies on the right side of the card.


Funky Finds said...

very cool!

lera said...

the bag is VERY cute. love the pleats and button detail.

feli said...

Once again... Cool Bag!! I love the pleats too..

Sarah said...

Love this bag! I love the pleats, and the lining, and the floppiness. Awesome!