Friday, August 11, 2006

Personalized Labels

Debbie at In the bag, a blog that I frequent, asked me about the personalized labels that I use for my bags. I use a tutorial that I found on Craftster. It can be found here.

I follow the tutorial's directions exactly. I have two different size ribbons that I use. A smaller one for smaller items, and the wider one for bags.
The first time I tried this I used a fancy background for the label, but it really didn't look very good and it didn't match all the fabrics that I use. So..I decided on just a plain white background with fancy text.
I use fray check on the cut ribbons and they really don't fray at all.

Also check out her latest post about lining/interfacing bags. I asked her how she does it and this is her amazing reply!


Patricia Pomeroy Tanner said...

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jojo* said...

Very cool. Thanks for sharing the label tutorial...and the fray check is a good idea too.