Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Pink Flamingos for Annie!

Annie is a geo-friend of ours who we/Joe frequently go geocaching with. Annie loves flamingos. I decided to make her a flamingo tote bag that she can thow her geo-gear into when she goes geocaching. After 10 minutes of shopping on Ebay for pink flamingo fabric (boy there was a lot of choices!) and a few hours worth of sewing, here is Annie's new bag:

And here's a view of the inside so that my mother can see the zipper:

Now, I'm not sure when we'll see Annie again. Let's see how long it takes before I e-mail her the link to this blog page. I'm not very good at keeping secrets. I'm terrible at Christmas/Birthdays. Not only do I want to know what I'm getting, but even more, I want to tell people what I got for them. My mother tells stories of how I got so excited every year at Christmas that I made myself sick.


lindiepindie said...

That tote is perfect for someone who likes flamingos! It looks nice and sturdy, too! I think you and I have the same disease - I'm really good at openning and retaping presents shut so that no one knows I've peeked.

Rabenstrange said...

Surveillance of family members and their shopping habits around key times of the year can also yeild curiousity satisfying results.