Sunday, August 20, 2006

Zippers, cards and buttony goodness!

Yesterday Joe took me to a liquidation type store. I had quickly decided there was nothing there for me when Joe (who actually takes the time to look around) pointed out a recycling box full of brand new (but older) zippers. The sign on the box said $.25 each. I started to pick out a few that I could use now that I've mastered zippered pockets on bags when he suggests I offer $5.00 for the whole box. I would have never thought to do that, but I did, and I think the store owner was very happy to unload her box of zippers and I was very happy to receive them. I bet there are 200 zippers in the lot. 75% are brown (that's ok, I like brown) and the rest are mostly cream coloured and pink, again, both usable colours.

Today's been a lazy Sunday. Most are around here. I felt like making something, but I didn't want to start a project that would take forever. After thinking about it for most of the day, I decided to try making a quilted card from Denyse Schmid's book. It was a friend's birthday last week although I have the gift ready to give, I needed a card to go with it. Ok, if you are reading this and I know can expect one of these cards for every card-giving occasion for the rest of your life!

Here are some close-ups. Please keep in mind, the blue one was the first I made. All have oopsies in them, but the beauty of the quilted card is that it doesn't matter. In fact, I like the fact that they look very home-made.

I can't wait to get some Christmasy fabric and start making Christmas cards!

Finally, when I was going through the one pound of buttons that I recently got for $1.99 at Value Village, I stumbled across this little gem! I'd love suggestions for what to do with her. It has to be something very special.


feli said...

That is a wholeeeee lot of zippers!!

beki said...

Your cards are so cute! I love that you added buttons. I'll have to remember that next time I make some.

DebbieH said...

Your cards came out great! What a score on your lot of zippers.

I love the button - black and white -- I'll have to think about a black and what white, but she'd look great on black and white.

lera said...

love the zippers! what a lucky find.

that little button is adorable.

nico said...

oh my gosh that red button is so cute! ive seen em on etsy- its even a sellers avatar hehe '-'/

and yay for the zipper score :D