Monday, August 07, 2006

Weekend - Show and Tell

On Friday night, oh about midnight or so, my sewing machine got stupid. Both the machine and I had tension issues. I was trying to sew a purse for a friend's birthday (the first one I made for her I ended up giving away to someone else who admired it) and the stitches got very ugly. I spent two and a half hours trying all the obvious fixes, nothing worked. Joe remained very calm and understanding through the whole thing, even offering to take a look at it for me (he can fix radio transmitters, but stay away from my sewing machine!!). I could hardly sleep that night, I was convinced that the sewing machine doctor would diagnose my machine as terminal.

So....bright and early on Saturday morning me, Joe and the stupid machine jumped in the truck and off we went to the doctor (aka Singer repair man). The repair man's name is Mike. We love love love Mike. He agreed with me that my stitches were a bit off, but made a few very small adjustments and quickly had them looking better. I was fully prepared for him to try to upsell me on one of the beautiful machines he had sitting there, but he did no such thing. In fact, he showed me a side by side comparison of the stitches on my machine with the stitches on the newer fancy models, and mine actually looked better! He did recommend that I get a new machine (to use side by side with the one I have), but his recommendation was an old black Singer. He gets them frequently and although he didn't have one in at the time, he took my name and number and will call me when he does get one.

Thanks Joe for being so awesome during that whole ordeal and Mike for convincing me there is nothing wrong with my machine.

We were a smidge late for the geocaching lunch we were going to. Here's a group shot of all the geo-geeks. :)

Yesterday I finished up the birthday gift bag. Here it is.

I decided to try a Craftster tutorial I've been drooling over for fabric flowers.
Here's my flower:

It's a bit wonky, but not bad for a trial run. I can see more of these in my near future.

Here's a picture of it on the bag:

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