Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Hurry up and wait

Well, for the past couple of days, I've had a little bump on the back of my head behind my ear. At first I thought it was a bug bite of some sorts, that's what it felt like. I asked Joe to do the inspection and he said it was a bit red, but no sign of a bite.

Last night I noticed that the achy/warm feeling was speading to my ear and jaw a little bit. At 8:00 I decided to try to get into a walk-in clinic, assuming it was a swollen gland or something. Well, the doctor looked at it, felt it and his response was "I'm concerned." Not exactly what I wanted to hear. He told me to get my butt over to the hospital, he thinks I have a bone infection that needs IV antibiotics. He had a fancy name for what he thought it could be, but I don't remember what it was. Great.

So...I came home and Joe hustled me over to the "Prompt Care" hospital. After 4 hours of waiting, we finally saw a doctor. He did the examination and asked me a ton of questions. He thinks it could be the beginning of what the walk-in clinic doctor thought it was, but he thinks it can be treated with oral antibiotics.

So...this morning I dashed over to my favourite place in the world, Walmart (sad, I know) and filled my presciption for antibiotics.

I feel like crap and I seriously need to start thinking about packing for the cottage and getting ready for back-to-school.

To make myself feel better, I bought the latest Martha Stewart magazine and Real Simple magazines. I feel too crappy to read them right now. Back to bed I go.


Funky Finds said...

I hope you feel better asap! (and I too love Wal-Mart...shhh...don't tell anyone LOL)

beki said...

Poor you! Good thing you got it checked out before it got too bad. Get better soon!

DebbieH said...

Oh, Karyn, that sounds awful. I'm glad you caught it so quickly and hopefully you will feel like yourself again soon. Take care of yourself.

Anonymous said...

Your bags are lovely. You should think about setting up a little business!!

Rebecca-bakesale said...

I really hope you feel better soon and better enough to indulge in all your reading materials.
Take care!

LittleMissMeshell said...

Oh dear *passes virtual tea, biscuits, chocolate, a great novel and a hot bath...and sympathy!* I hope you feel better soon sweetie.

and don't worry about blogger, lol, you'll be fine! I was just having the most humungus troubles with image uploading so I had to move =P Plus I was locked out of my blogger blog for this whole past week and a half with this new beta thing! =)

feli said...

I hope you feel better.

RANDI said...

I sure hope you are feeling better today! It is good that the doctor sent you to the hospital--things that like can get pretty bad!

I haven't visited here for a couple of days and I love the new bags you have posted--you must do a ton of sewing!

I will add you to my sidebar too--thanks so much for the link!

lindiepindie said...

Oh that sounds yuck. Good for you getting it checked out and I'm glad they've got you on some meds. Hopefully they'll start working quickly!