Friday, January 19, 2007

Lunchtime Thrifting

I zipped out at lunch today to the local Bible Thrift Store. I can usually find something neat while I'm there.

Today I found some fabric I've never seen looks like pages from the sports section of the newspaper. I'm not a sports fan and I have no idea why I bought it, except that it was only 50 cents!! I got some neat vintage buttons and a really pretty red tea towel.

Also...I want to thank Lera for all her GREAT suggestions for future projects for me to try.

I promise I am done with the change purses.....for now. Here are the LAST three. I've finally decided it's time to move on.

We have lots of geocaching plans for the weekend, so I'm not sure how much time I'll be able to spend with my sewing machine.......I have lots of ideas brewing though!! Be warned!!!


lera said...

I'm not sick of your change bags. Really. I love them.

That is funny fabric. I've seen music sheet fabric before, which I thought was funny.

Oh, I thought of the two ideas that I forgot in my last email. Little business card holders with a snap instead of a zipper. (Could also hold grocery store discount cards or health ins cards, etc.) I think Beki just made some recently.

Also, wallets!!!!!! (That's what I want to learn to make! You can figure it out for me!)

beki said...

That's some neat fabric! I don't think I've seen anything like that before. Maybe I should start thrifting? It seems like when I go shopping at thrift stores there's never anything good.

Anonymous said...

Your items are so awesome!! I love everthing you make! I use the Wristlet I purchased from you all the time!

I can hardly wait to see you tomorrow and give you the little surprise I picked up. (GIGGLE) Hope you like it!

feli said...

owhhhhI just went thrifting at my fav. stores too. Its half off saturday at one of the place and I got a cake dish and a couple of plastic containers for $2.50!!!! Will write a post.

Your change purse are so gorgeous. I wish i was that talented.

Anonymous said...

They are really so lovely!

You're great.