Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Yo-Yos and Thanks!!

Why haven't I tried making yo-yos before?????? Last night I decided it was time I try them and let me just say this, they are totally fun and addictive!!!!

I had to make another pouch just to see how it would look with a yo-yo on it, and I love it!!

When I checked the mail today, I almost died when I noticed I had a package that wasn't an Ebay purchase. I received this AWESOME gift from Lera from The Sky is Pink. A while back she had a question about her blog that I couldn't help her with so I asked Joe and he quickly had the answer (of course). Apparently his solution worked so she sent us this amazing thank-you!!! It was all I could do not to rip open the chocolates BEFORE taking a picture of it.

Thank you Lera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


beki said...

I love yo-yo's! I make mine using a template that belonged to my great-great grandmother. So fun!
Lucky you!! That Lera sure is a nice gal *big grin*.

lera said...

yo-yo's are looking good!

(oh, I love the "messages" in the chocolates. I think I like reading them as much as I like eating them!)


feli said...

Yo yo sounds fun!! I will try that one day because I have a cut out of it in my Idea book a whiiiile back.

and Yummy Fabrics that Lera sent you. oooooo

Mae said...

That little bad is sweet with the yo-yo's. You are so great for trying new things!

littlemissmeshell said...

Aren't yo-yo's so much fun! Love them =) and the lazy in me loves that the quicker, longer stitches make the tighter holes, LOL.

Beautiful fabrics! Oh and Dove is to DIE for, mmmm...

lindiepindie said...

You made a pouch just to see what the yo-yo looked like? That's funny. I've never made a yo-yo in my life. I think it requires hand stitching? I think that's why... cute, though!