Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Today's my lucky day!!

First of all, I've figured out the freekin' automatic needle threader. After a bit of internet hunting last night, I found different instructions on how to do it that were much more clear than the instructions in the user's manual.
I also think I might have found a solution for the problem of sewing through layers of fabric. On the Singer website (which the link isn't working to right now, of course) they suggested using something called the "Jean-a-ma-jig".

Apparently the needle breaks when the presser foot is angled trying to sew over heavier layers. You are supposed to insert this "Jean-a-ma-jig" before you get to the extra layers to prevent the presser foot from going on a crazy angle. I hope that makes sense. The link that isn't working right now explained it really well.

I'll give this a try the next time I need it and report back.

Mike, the sewing machine guy, was extremely helpful! He reminded me that I get a free lesson on my new machine. I was thinking that I didn't really need it until he showed me a couple of quick things on it that I never would have figured out by myself. I'm getting my lesson later this week I hope.

Feeling all happy after visiting Mike, I trotted over to Value Village and I found three awesome sewing books. I NEVER find any good books there, so I was thrilled!

The second one is my favourite (Sew a beautiful gift). I can't wait to go through these books this afternoon!!!


Anonymous said...

I have a horrible sewing machine that sometimes doesn't even want to sew through 2 pieces of thin cotton but if I do have many layers to sew through I use a thick piece of cardboard to even out the angle. It works fine too.

lera said...

how exciting to find some sewing books and to figure out a solution to your sewing problems. i can't wait to hear your report on the piece.

Anonymous said...

Ah! I was there around 11:20 for about an hour or so. And we missed each other. :(

Sweet finds.


lindiepindie said...

Wow - my machine came with some different layered plastic thingies like that. They showed us how to use them in class, but I've rarely ever used them. I hope they're the answer you're looking for! It must feel so good to have a solution!

Bonnie D. said...

Another thing you can use is the little plastic case that needles come in to hold up the back of the foot. Best tip I ever learned! It really does work.

Another good sewing tip: Change your needle often, after approx. 10 hours of sewing.


Funky Finds said...

lucky indeed! :) wishing you all the best in '07 karyn!