Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A thrifty lunch!

I couldn't decide what to do at lunch today so I went to a little thrift shop and to Value Village. Value Village was a waste of time, but I got some neat finds at the little thrift shop.

1. A pj pattern $1.00
2. Flannel to make pj bottoms $6.00 (but there is 6 yards of the stuff)
3. Butterfly fabric $1.00
4. Some wacky blue patchworky fabric $0.25, why not?

I've always wanted to make pj bottoms because it's all I ever wear when I'm at home, but when you can buy them so cheap I've never bothered. Maybe now I'll bother!


lera said...

I love wearing PJ bottoms. (Oops, just typed "boottoms" maybe because they cover my bootie?) Actually, I switched over to a pair when I came home from preschool today.

I have to make my own because my legs are too long for pre-made ones.

I can't wait to see yours.

feli said...

Owh why didnt you tell me. I am a pro at making one. :*) What size do you wear? S or M? Let me know.

Debbie said...

You are right - you can buy PJ's so cheaply you wonder why you make them. But there is such great fabric out there and once you start you'll love making them.

I find that the waist on the manufactured patterns is way too high for me. And no, I don't wear them low like my kid - I just don't like them all the way to my armpits!

Easy pattern revision though.

Rebecca-bakesale said...

Fabric for .25, seriously, why the heck not! You'll use it--it's cute. I've been seriously itching for go on some fabric hunting. Your post only makes me want to go even more!